Experienced Quickbooks Tax Accountant Services

Helping you define your numbers!



Monthly Bookkeeping Services

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  • QuickBooks Accounts payable (bills and payments) 
  • QuickBooks Accounts Receivable
  • Quickbooks Bank account and credit card reconciliation
  • Quickbooks Sales Tax Tracking
  • Quickbooks Payroll integration
  • Quickbooks Coordinating with your CPA or Tax Advisor


Additional Services

1 Day QuickBooks Training

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· Setting up and configuring new QuickBooks files

· Setting up inventory tracking

· Setting up job costing

· Fixing "broken" QuickBooks 

· Transferring data between QuickBooks and other  


· Conversion from other applications to QuickBooks



Additional Services

Income Tax Preparation

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· File Federal Income Tax Electronically

· Work with CPA to finalize special requirements

· Final paperwork copy included 

· Remote Communication and Processing of return 

· Tax Strategies to improve your bottom line


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